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Lost American Antiquities: A Hidden History is a new book from author S. Edgar Smoot, a producer of the critically acclaimed documentary, "The Lost Civilizations of North America." The book shares revealing research into America's ancient civilizations and how history has been handed down to our day.


Learn how these early men of science, John Wesley Powell and Lewis Henry Morgan's enduring legacy have changed nearly every aspect of modern society; and why their philosophies matter today.


Find out why history has silenced the ancient mound building civilizations of North America.


NEW - A presentation DVD given by the author on the history of ancient America and how it has been silenced.





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History is to a nation what memory is to man, that is why a country's understanding of its earliest beginnings and ancient history is crucial to the character building of a nation.


Traditionally, Americans have been taught that before Columbus, the only inhabitants of North America were savage cultures, not recognizing that North America was home to some of the most complex and well-organized cities, roads and earthwork structures of ancient times.


This gropundbreaking research explores the silence and science surrounding these ancient mound-building cultures, giving insight into the men, motives and agendas that were being advanced in the 1800's.


Questions were being raised as to origin and evolution of man and the origin of these ancient mound-building cultures. This raised questions that have altered the course of human hisoty, changing how society viewed and valued the American Indian, God's role in the organization found in nature, pre-Columbian history, Natural and Constitution Law and the value placed on religion, children, marriage and family.


This book reveals a larger history of how the early men of science came to understand that they could place every political or religious varient facing society in the 1800s on a theoretical "evolutionary stairway." In so doing it brought about a cultural revolution - and with it a new morality - by redirecting society's view of the world through the godless lens of evolutionary thought.



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